Technology Solutions

BTC’s App/Mobile Ordering

  • Build Orders Quickly
  • See Product Details
  • Search Item Catalog
  • Browse By Category
  • Shop Product Deals
  • Review Order History
  • See accurate price & retails

Cipher Lab 8230

The IEEE802.11b/g and Bluetooth® Class 2 compliance, this pocket-sized and lightweight 8230 mobile device ensures seamless wireless data transmission and real-time updates to your back-end system. The 8230 mobile device is all you need for constant productivity and seamless ordering.

  • Scan or Enter Item Number or UPC
  • Identify Substitutions, Inactive, Deleted items
  • Display 15 Week Average
  • Generate Order from Purchase History
  • Build-to Order Entry
  • Display Item History
  • Order is sent wirelessly through the internet.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) Capabilities

  • AGK Soft
  • Insight
  • Aloha Data Systems
  • Modi Soft
  • Amcom
  • Monarch 1 (AVD)
  • Aztech Software
  • Scan Group
  • C Stars of Vermont
  • Scanning Solutions
  • CMI Solutions
  • Series 2K
  • Compatible Software
  • Sinclair
  • SSCS
  • Data Max
  • Store Check
  • ECRS Solutions
  • Storeworks
  • FasTrax
  • Success Systems
  • Fintech
  • X-Site
  • Fis-Cal Software

If your vendor is not on our list please contact us. Proprietary solutions are available.

DAC Connect

This allows our sales staff, using an iPad, to provide our customers with real-time access to customer-specific information, and to easily show ongoing promotions. The functionality provided by DAC Connect includes the ability to:

  • View customer’s upcoming pre-books
  • View customer-specific price and retails
  • Check the inventory level of products
  • Build custom order guides
  • View product movement and ranking information for pro-active selling
  • Produce retailer movement reporting, invoice copies, and price lists as PDF files for convenient printing and emailing

Retail Reports

Our retail data services on customer sales, profit ranking, product movement and item sold reports will provide information to better help you increase your sales and profit margins.