Food Programs

Bellarico´s New York Style Pizza™ is the easiest and most convenient way to serve delicious hot baked, pizza-shop pizza with little or no labor. These flash frozen pizzas are pre-assembled and were designed to bake from frozen in a conveyor convection or tavern oven.


“Gourmet Pizza Baked Fresh”

Our pizzas are so crazy good they each have their own name and story. Don’t settle for the ordinary when you can get Crazy Italian Pizza baked Fresh-To-Go, as a Take-N-Bake, or purchase our extra large Crazy Slice and treat yourself to a taste bud extravaganza!

Finally, a serious wing program offering both traditional bone in and boneless wings allowing you to serve 5 unique flavors like Buffalo, Roasted, Home Style, Garlic Parmesan, and Mango Habanero. Give your consumers the wings and flavors they’re asking for!

An absolute crowd pleaser, be one of the very few to sell an authentic Belgian Pearl Sugar Waffle that has a tender juicy chicken breast inserted right in the middle. This unbeatable combination will rival any breakfast biscuit and is so tasty it can be sold throughout the entire day!

F’Real Blending Bar

Drive incremental revenue with 3 products with one piece of equipment, including:
milkshakes, smoothies and frozen cappuccino

#1 brand of milkshakes in convenience stores*
#7 brand of milkshake nationwide*
Consumers LOVE f’real

 Cold Cow Ice Cream

Made from real premium ice cream, Cold Cow Ice Cream Milkshakes are a smooth, creamy, and delicious with a taste profile that is unmatched! Cold Cow is bursting into the c-store market as an unrivaled consumer and retailer favorite. Start Shake ‘N Up the Profits with the high quality, labor free and inexpensive system.

  • No Labor Milkshake System
  • Quick Return on Investment
  • Small Foot Print Display
  • High Profit Item with Repeat Sales
  • High Impact Graphics

Ojeda USA

Ojeda Open Air Cooler – 

Choose from an array of top quality, highly-visible, open-air coolers that instantly put your store in the Fresh business. We stock dairy products, cheese, fresh sandwiches that pair well with any high volume food location. 

Alligator Ice

Alligator Ice LogoAlligator Ice Machine
Alligator Ice is your source for frozen drink programs! You can find information on all of our flavors , programs and great looking graphics for your business.

  • Easy to mix formula with provided mixing containers
  • Toll Free service hotline 1-866-594-2867
  • A variety of equipment programs from local distributors
  • Complete program with branded equipment, cups and store signage

Margaret Holmes Boiled Peanuts

Peanut LogoPeanut patch 2013

Margaret Holmes was the first to prepare fresh boiled green peanuts in a can. Now in Cajun flavor, Peanut Patch boiled peanuts are great for tailgating, picnics parties and as a quick snack. This peanut program will allow you to display and sell your peanuts in two different ways: the crock pot program or through the leasing of a dual warmer for both Cajun and Original flavor peanuts. Both programs include all signs, spoons, can opener, and other POS material.

Roller Grill Programs

This unique, hand-held product has taken the nation by storm! They roll oven-baked flour tortillas around a variety of out-of-this-world fillings. Then dip them in special seasoned batters and lightly fry them to golden perfection. So Tornados are loaded with flavor inside and out. Because they are so unique, Tornados tend to become “gotta have” items customers crave and come back for time after time. With a range of flavors from spicy to sweet and AM to PM, there is a Tornado for every taste and occasion. Take advantage of powerful in-store merchandising, and Tornados will really heat up your Hot-to-Go sales.

Gehl’s Nacho Machine

Gehls Nacho Machine
Gehl’s sauces get poured over side dishes and entrees like nachos, hot dogs, pretzels, French fries and sandwiches. Customers love them because they are made from the highest quality ingredients, including real cheddar cheese and zesty Mexican spices. If you’re a food service professional, you will love them because Gehl’s on the menu means more money in your drawer. Gehl’s dispensers are placed in your business for a ONE TIME lease fee. Unlike typical lease agreements, there will be no ongoing lease payments. Gehl’s maintains ownership of the dispenser to ensure both dispensers and product quality. You can return the dispenser at any time and you are protected by a generous 3-year parts and service plan.


Single Sauce Dispenser

Higher volume operations love the extra capacity of the Single Sauce Dispenser. It’s ideal for your operation if you deliver 100+ servings per week.

Dual Sauce Dispenser

Gehl’s designed the Dual Sauce Dispenser for easy self-service. Deliver two topping products in your convenience store or other mid-volume settings.

Deli Express

Deli Express Logo
Deli Express is one of the most recognizable and respected names in the sandwich industry. BTC offers a sandwich variety that gives you a wide selection to execute your strategy and a lengthy 7-30 day shelf life depending on your program. This is a proven national top-selling program that offers a great tasting line of products with the on-the-go convenience your customers are looking for.